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Helicopter Tours in Africa – The Ultimate Guide

Despite various designs and the manufacturing of models, the greatest problem had been to stop the rotor from rotating the craft itself and it was not until 1754 when a model was designed in Russia, by Mikhail Lomonosov, that this problem could be rectified.

A small coaxial was modelled after the Chinese toy with the exception that it was powered by a wound-up spring device and the model made from this started with the use of turkey flight features featuring as the rotor blades.

The design evolved until 1870 when coaxial rotor model helicopter toys were being produced and the Wright brothers were inspired to pursue the dream of flight through this.

From 1885 onwards, the design and manufacture of more complex machines, quite literally, took flight and experiments with different materials and mechanics, while maintaining the core principle, continued until 1907, when the first manned helicopter flight was recorded.

The first successful flight in September 1907 was, however, not free, or untethered and it was only in November 1907 that the first totally free flight was recorded.

When looking back at the history of helicopters, it is utterly impossible not to appreciate the complexity of the design and the strides that had been taken to produce the helicopters of today.

Helicopters have a variety of uses and it is such a common aircraft that very few people would notice should one pass the airspace above them, but it is hard to argue their absolute convenience and the various tasks they perform that other aircraft cannot.

Helicopters are used for the transportation of people and cargo, there are military uses, construction, firefighting, search and rescue, medical transport, law enforcement, agriculture, news and media, aerial observation, and more.

One of the overlooked uses which is becoming increasingly popular all over the world is the use of helicopters in tourism. It has become an integral part of the tourism industry and holds its own against other conventional conduits such as Safaris, Cruises, and more.

Why have Helicopter rides become increasingly popular?

1.Helicopter rides suit any occasion

Helicopter rides can be used for a variety of reasons, whether it is for a marriage proposal, celebrating momentous dates such as anniversaries, educating people of all age groups, or to experience the great African landscape, its fauna and flora.

Helicopter rides are popular, but people have become quite accustomed to experiencing the great tourism destinations and opportunities in Africa in more conventional ways such as vehicle safaris, cruises along coastlines, hiking trails, and many more.

Helicopter rides offer locals and tourists with a bird-eye view of the world that they travel or live in and a new way to fall in love with the astounding beauty around them.

2.Photo opportunities

Climbing to the peak of a mountain to view the valley below has always had an air of magnificence and magic about it. Hiking through forests or cruising the oceans as well.

But Helicopter rides over such areas offer an unrestricted view of breath-taking places from a bird’s eye view which can be captured in a photograph.

It offers aerial photo opportunities of a landscape and it provides tourists with access to areas where vehicles could never travel.

Due to the design and purpose that helicopters were built for, which was not for speed, there is ample chance to take snapshots of scenery in passing while being able to relax and take in the views.

3.Spectacular views

Next to renting a hot air balloon or making use of smaller aircraft for charter flights, the unique operation of a helicopter which offers the science and mechanics of vertical flight which can be controlled, offers a unique experience where other modes of transport fail.

Helicopter rides provide tourists with access to remote areas otherwise inaccessible on foot or in a vehicle, and these areas which have infrequently been disturbed by mankind offer the absolute best views.

4.Offering a new perspective

It is one thing to be able to view the landscape from the ground up, or gazing down across valleys, fields, and forests, but it is an entirely new experience to be at eye-level with some of the most spectacular parts of Africa.

It is quite difficult to truly appreciate the stunning expanse of the continent merely in a vehicle, or from an aeroplane, whereas helicopter rides offer a close-up view which can be taken in and appreciated while suspended in the air for a moment in time.

5.There is great variety to choose from

Helicopter rides offer a variety of opportunities to explore the African continent, from sunrise and sunset tours, tours over cities, mountains, forests, and some of the most impressive canyons, valleys, waterfalls, and more.

There are numerous packages available across the African continent that promises to deliver the best experience, more than the tourist who shakily climbs into the cabin can hope to expect.

Welcome to Africa

Africa, the second largest Continent on the planet, and no other place to truly experience and appreciate wildlife, wild lands and rich traditions that have and always will endure.

Despite being a first-time visitor who has never set foot on African soil or felt the African sun warm their skin, or a frequent visitor, Africa cannot fail to get under the skin of every person whether inhabitant, first-timer, or frequent visitor.

Africa has an iconic story which is written across its 30.37 million Sq. kilometre surface from the very northern tip in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, right down to its southernmost tip, South Africa.

Africa offers tourists the experience of a lifetime that must simply be repeated and it is why numerous people cannot visit the African continent only once.

When considering tourist attractions across the continent, there are a few that are frequented more than others although this should not deter tourists from ensuring that they visit numerous areas spread out across the African expanse.

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Africa include:

  • Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.
  • Omo River Region, Ethiopia.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
  • The Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.
  • Virunga National Park, DR Congo.
  • Okavango Delta, Botswana
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania.
  • Giza Necropolis, Egypt, and
  • The Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Other key countries of tourism interest include:

  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Seychelles, and more.

There are numerous ways to travel through Africa, in and around countries, including, but not limited to:

  • Safari Tours
  • Private and Public Bus Tours
  • Minivan, bus, motorhome, caravan, or RV rentals
  • Helicopter tours, and more.

When considering the spectacular landscapes and tourist attractions in South Africa, it would not come as a surprise that these can be viewed from the comfort of a Helicopter cabin.

Although not all tourist attractions offer this, there are numerous attractions that offer tourists a bird’s eye view of great African sights.

What to bring when going on a helicopter ride or tour

Before climbing into the cabin of a helicopter and buckling up for the adventure of a lifetime, it is imperative that tourists and travellers consider and verify what they should need before their adventure can begin.

It is important to ensure that tourists wear comfortable clothing to ensure that they can enjoy not only the flight, but the views while comfortable and ensure that they are dressed for the season as well.

Loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing is always recommended for the summer months as the African heat may become too much to handle for some tourists acclimated to much colder climates and temperatures. Sunglasses and sunscreen are always essential during this time.

Spring and fall months demand that tourists wear some layers as the temperatures in Africa may drop without warning if temperatures in the air differ greatly from that on the ground.

Winter months may require additional, thicker clothing as temperatures in the air, and especially in open cabins, may prove to be chillier than expected than on ground level.

Cameras and video cameras are welcome, unless otherwise instructed and it is advisable to ensure that they can be secured with straps to avoid objects falling from the cabin.

It is advised that objects such as bags, purses, backpacks, loose keys and other items not be brought as they may get in the way and tourists also run the risk of losing them in addition to causing possible interference with the safe operation of the helicopter.

Tourists must enquire about weight limits on carry-on items as well, as there are strict weigh limits to ensure the safety of all persons on board, and to ensure a safe journey.

1.South Africa

Hover.co.za, based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

South Africa, the Rainbow-nation of Africa due to its diverse collection of different people from various cultures, traditions, religions, races, and more offers an African experience in its entirety.

Hover.co.za in partnership with Saphire Blue Aviation have charter flights which can take tourists anywhere in the country with tailor-made helicopter rides that suit the needs of any group or individual.

The helicopter charter possesses the infrastructure and logistical support to suit the requirements of any tourist. Some of the charter work done by this charter include:

  • Helicopter surveillance
  • Game work
  • Filming
  • Air charter flights
  • Aerial photography
  • VIP, corporate, and wedding charters, and so much more.

Cape Town

Cape Town, otherwise referred to as the Mother City of South Africa, hosts an array of helicopter rides which have been described as helicopter’s paradise and one of the best ways in which to experience the stunning landscape and breath-taking sights.

Some of the best destinations in and around Cape Town which can be enjoyed from the cabin of a helicopter include:

  • City Express – which allows tourists to experience exceptional views of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and more.
  • The Hopper flight which takes off from the V&A Waterfront and includes a scenic flight along the magnificent Atlantic Coast where tourists can view Table Mountain, The Cape Town Stadium, Lion’s Head, and so much more.
  • 12 Apostles which is a helicopter ride which is a very popular experience in Cape Town that offers tourists with spectacular views and a unique experience in addition to being quite budget-friendly.
  • The Full Peninsula Scenic Flight which includes a full trip from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope where tourists can view the Peninsula from all angles and is bound to leave tourists speechless.
  • Two Oceans Scenic Flight which starts from the V&A Waterfront and allows for a scenic flight along the Atlantic Coast over to False Bay, passing Fish Hoek and Muizenberg, with a variety of sights to see along the way.
  • Robben Island Scenic Flight – this provides tourists with a tour of one of South Africa’s World Heritage Sights and offers an unrivalled experience in viewing the island in a way that is not possible from the ground.
  • Atlantico Scenic Flight which is along the Atlantic Coast and allows tourists to view numerous scenic spots including that of the Cape Town Stadium, 4 Beaches of Clifton, and more.
  • Atlantico and Marine Big 5 Ocean Safari – which includes flights to five of the most famous spots in Cape Town namely The Cape Town Stadium, 4 Beaches of Clifton, Camps Bay, and the Twelve Apostles with the swing-around at Karbonkelberg.

These are but a few opportunities for tourists to experience the magical Mother City with prices which range from between ZAR 990.00 to ZAR 5,800.00 per person for a Cape Town helicopter ride.


Mpumalanga Helicopter Co.

This is one of the provinces in South Africa that offers tourists with exhilarating and extravagant views of deep and mysterious gorgeous, meandering rivers, lush and green valleys, numerous cascading waterfalls and heart-stopping sheer cliffs.

One of the best helicopter ride and tour providers in the province is Mpumalanga Helicopter Co., and it is one of the best ways in which the magnificent Mpumalanga Lowveld can be experienced.

Some of the rides and tours that can be experienced include:

  • The Cascades Scenic Flight with the departure point in Hazyview, providing tourists with an unparalleled experience in flying over the Sabie River Valley, along the escarpment and over winding rivers, valleys, cliffs, gorges and waterfalls.
  • The Cascades and Canyon Delight which allows tourists to explore the deep valleys and spectacular, cascading waterfalls and the opportunity to view the Panorama Gorge and the unique rock formations of the Blyde River Canyon.
  • Cascades and Canyon Spectacular Picnic Flight which offers tourists not only with the views of the Panorama Gorge and the Blyde River Canyon but offers the opportunity to engage in a delicious lunch at the ultimate picnic venue on top of a mountain.

The prices that tourists can expect will be determined by the amount of people and subsequently the size of the helicopter, along with the package chosen with rates determined by the time of year.

The minimum rate for 1 to 2 people for the Cascades flight which is a 45 minute flight starts from ZAR 14, 315 and it goes up to ZAR 58,850 for a maximum of six people on the Bell Long Ranger 6-seater helicopter with the Cascades and Canyon Spectacular which is 2-hours long.

Kruger National Park

Another helicopter tour recommended to tourists includes that of the Kruger National Park which provides tourists with a different and new angle along with the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of this Park and its surrounding areas.

Although the helicopter tour cannot physically fly over the park until a tour operator has been found and designated specifically for this, tourists can enjoy flights along the boundaries of the park, which still offers spectacular views into the Park as well.

There are, however, independent tour operators who fly over the greater parts of the Kruger National Park such as the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve.

This unique opportunity can be paired easily with that of a safari drive into the Kruger National Park after the flight tour has been completed.


NAC offers tourists with an unforgettable experience in flying over the City of Johannesburg towards Pretoria East. This tour offers tourists with views of landmarks that make the South African Capital City as impressive.

From the majestic Union Buildings which serve as the office of the fifth and current South African president, Mr. Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, to the iconic Loftus Stadium, which is home to the South African Rugby Team, the Blue Bulls, Pretoria University, and more.

The tour takes the tourist from the CBD of this glorious city westward to follow the Magaliesberg Mountain Range, which are some of the oldest mountains in the world. The helicopter tour is truly the best way to appreciate the exquisite scenery below.

In flying south-east towards Midrand, Johannesburg, tourists will have the opportunity to view either Lanseria Airport or Atteridgeville Township, and there are often opportunities to land for lunch, depending on predetermined and pre-flight arrangements.

In addition to the tour between the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, tourists can opt for a tour of the City of Johannesburg over Sandton, along the M1 highway and Alexandra township which is the first place of residence for Nelson Mandela.

When approaching Johannesburg, which is also known as the “City of Gold”, tourists will be able to see the city in a different light from their vantage point and be able to view and recognize landmarks such as the Sentec tower, Nelson Mandela Bridge, and so much more.

The tour also includes a visit over the Cradle of Humankind, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in passing over Roodepoort and Krugersdorp.


JNC Helicopters offers tourists a variety of popular helicopter rides around the beautiful Durban in KwaZulu-Natal. Tourists are offered the following helicopter tours:

  • 12 Minutes Scenic which departs from Virginia Airport routing along the coast over the Sun Coast Casino, Moses Madiba Stadium and some of the most gorgeous beaches along the KwaZulu-Natal coast.
  • 20 Minutes Scenic offers tourists with more time in the air following the same route along the coast and includes a route up the coast to the High-rise hotels and light house at Umhlanga Rocks.
  • 30 Minutes Scenic which provides tourists with a view of the more natural coastal scenery between resorts which are dotted along the coast. The tour takes passengers up to Balito where a variety of ocean wildlife can be viewed.
  • Inanda Cliff Top Picnic – this offers tourists with an inland flight to the Inanda Cliff area along valleys and over the vast Inanda dam before arriving to the Cliff itself to sit down for a unique cliff-top picnic.
  • Rain Farm – this provides tourists with a coastal flight to a game reserve, the Rain Farm Lodge, which is set on the northern coast of Durban.
  • Tala Reserve is another great option for tourists, and it consists of an inland scenic flight to the Tala Game Reserve. The flight takes tourists along the Umgeni River and outwards to rolling valleys which lead to the Reserve itself.

The prices that tourists can expect when touring Durban and surroundings via helicopter are determined by the number of passengers which will subsequently determine the helicopter used. These rates start from ZAR 2,400.00 up to ZAR 7,900.00.


There are numerous air tours that tourists can opt for when visiting Ethiopia with various packages that cover helicopter tours that include various sights, stop-overs in iconic areas, and more.

Jacaba offers tourists the perfect opportunity to experience epic Ethiopia by helicopter on a 7-day trip starting from $39,995 per person.

Included in this trip is the following:

  • Helicopter transfers along with excursions throughout.
  • Tours which are privately guided and tailored to the needs and requirements of the guests.
  • Full support from the Travel Concierge of the guest before, during and after the trip.

When overviewing this tour, tourists start off from the rock-hewn churches located in Lalibela and fly along the Ethiopian Highlands to the Danakil Depression.

During this trip, tourists travel only by helicopter and it allows for coverage of vast distances in comfort and allows tourists to truly appreciate the country’s epic and iconic landscape.

The helicopter itself accommodates four people sharing and upon arrival at Addis Ababa, tourists are taken to Lalibela where they will stay for two nights. Here, tourists can explore the country’s most famous historical site, the eleven stone churches of Lalibela.

The next stop is the Tekeze Gorge leading into the heart of the Simien Mountains where tourists can enjoy the scenery and wealth of wildlife. From the Gelada Baboon to the Walia ibex, there is much to see and appreciate from the vantage point the helicopter offers.

This includes a day stay in the Simien Mountains which features deep ravines, craggy peaks, and sheer cliffs in Northern Ethiopia, and includes game drives into the Simien Mountains.

Tourists are then taken to the northern province of Tigray which will serve as basecamp for a three-night stay. This allows tourists to explore the Gheralta churches along with the ancient town of Aksum.

In addition, there is the exploration of the Danakil Depression, which is one of the lowest, hottest, and driest places which can be found on Earth.


When visiting Tanzania, tourists have various options considering touring this stunning country from the cabin of a helicopter. Such unique tours are provided by Roaming Africa Tours and can be customized according to the wishes of the guests.

Helicopter Adventure Tours start from Arusha and fly over the landscapes of Tanzania to Mount Kilimanjaro, over Lake Natron, Lake Manyara for stunning sightings of flamingos, Oldonyo Lengai, which is known as the Mountain of God, and Mount Meru.

This tour normally takes up to four hours depending on the places visited and the interests of the tourists.

This tour allows tourists the opportunity to soar over the Great Migration in the Serengeti as well as Ndutu, touch down in Pemba, also known as “The Green Island”, of Tanzania and as an added touch, experience the traditional culture of the Tanzanian People.

Tanzanian helicopter safaris are often fixed on an hourly flying rate with a minimum of three hours a day with the minimum number of clients for a safari fixed at four.

In addition, these tours can be customized to a day or two, depending on the budget of the guest.


The Safari Collection offers tourists a safari helicopter tour which drops into valleys and soars over mountains, allowing tourists to experience the Kenyan breeze upon their faces.

Places, which are inaccessible by land and thus untouched by humans, can be explored in Kenya’s most remote geographical areas.

It not only offers views of the spectacular landscape, but also the wildlife in the area. The helicopter offers a private tour starting from Solio Lodge and SASAAB, and includes the following:

  • Scenic Sundowners on the Sacred Mountain.
  • Exploration of Ancient Cycads and viewing Elephants.
  • Having a bird’s eye view of glorious gorges and touching down for a swim.
  • Viewing the cultural and geological wonders of Kenya.
  • Glimpsing the Jewels of the North.
  • Flying over jagged peaks and sparkling lakes as part of a Solio Lodge excursion.
  • Viewing misty moorlands and lichen-hung forests, and more.

In addition, Viator offers tourists with a unique 3-day tour of the Wildebeest Migration, which is subjected to availability according to the time of the year when this occurs.

Departure is from either Diani Beach, Ukunda, Mombasa, or Malindi and tourists can expect to pay from ZAR 31, 850.83 when deciding on this unique experience.

5.DR Congo

Congo Travel and Tours offer tourists with guided, safe, and comfortable African holidays in the Congo, which includes voyages on the Congo River, gorilla tours, trips to the Congo Rainforest and Congo Safaris.

In visiting this unique landscape in the very heart of Africa, guest will not be disappointed in making time in their busy itineraries to explore all that the country has to offer in stunning landscapes, wildlife, forests, culture, traditions, delicious cuisine, and more.

Congo Travel and Tours offers Helicopter charters, Aerial Safaris and Summits in the DRC Virunga Range.


When travelling to Botswana, tourists are taken into the wonders that are known for drawing adventurers from all over the world to Botswana.

Here, tourists can view the elephant herds that roam the savanna, hippo and crocodiles that crowd the Chobe River’s marshy channels, and buffalo, giraffe, zebra, and antelope that thrive in the Okavango Delta and the vast and plenty watering holes in the plains.

Botswana has always retained its air of genuine wilderness despite being one of the main tourist attractions in Africa. There are intimate tented bush camps which are reminiscent of an era of nostalgic safari, but which are yet fitted with contemporary luxuries.

Helicopter Horizons offers tourists with the opportunity to enhance their Botswana experience in exploring the otherwise unreachable, wild regions of the Okavango Delta.

Tourists can expect the following services when considering the options offered by Helicopter Horizons:

  • Private transfers
  • Scenic flights
  • Experiential tours
  • Filming and photography opportunities, and
  • Helicopter Safaris.

Private Transfers

This is a unique way to travel within Botswana between locations and offers a thrilling experience as opposed to traveling by road.

It offers tourists with an exclusive option and a chance to make their transfers unforgettable with a smooth, quick flight filled with stunning views of the landscape below.

Transfers are offered from Maun to all the camps and lodges around the Okavango regions along with inter-camp transfers. Should there be group transfers, it is seamlessly handled with the provision of multiple helicopters to ensure that all guests arrive together.

Scenic and photography flights

Some of the scenic views of the Botswanan landscape can only truly be experienced from a helicopter and tourists can start enjoying such magnificent views moments after departing.

The views include that of the crystal-clear water channels which meander their way through various lagoons. It also offers the chance for tourists to journey deep into the lush green flood plains where there is an abundance of wildlife which can be found and viewed.

The doors of the helicopter cabin are often removed to provide tourists with an even more intimate close-up experience while flying over remote and uninhabited areas of the Okavango Delta.

These scenic flights can be conducted at any time of the day and despite this, whether at sunrise, midday, or sunset, offers special and glorious views.

Village Tours

Viewing Botswana from the air is only a part of the experience and tourists are also offered with unforgettable cultural experiences in Botswana in visiting some of the most remote villages in the Okavango Delta.

The excursion lasts around two hours and start when guests are collected from their camps and taken on a scenic flight to a village that has extended its invitation to visitors.

The tour is led by a local guide who gives a thorough explanation on village life along with the architecture, religious beliefs, hunting, and fishing activities, and more.

Tsodilo Hills Tours

In exploring one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site firstly by air and then followed by foot, the half-day trip offered is done with a professional San guide who explains the fascinating artwork and presents a unique side of Botswana to tourists.

This tour includes a hike that may prove to be demanding, but in enduring, tourists are offered with hills that have a certain air and allure which is difficult to describe and must be experienced first-hand by travellers.

Champagne stops

This is an unforgettable experience provided on all tours and includes a scenic flight with a stop on a remote spot to indulge in some French champagne.


The iconic, history-rich Egypt must be on the bucket list of many travellers and offers a walk back in time to view all the unique landmarks. It is uncertain whether there are specific providers of helicopter tours presented in this country.

Although tourists may need to verify this with their travel agent or guide, Egypt, however, offers travellers with unique opportunities to discover in the upmost part of Africa.

There are numerous packages to choose from that will offer tourists with all-inclusive experiences that are bound to make some come back for more. Two such packages are offered by Go Ahead Tours and features:

  • Egypt and the Nile which is between 12 or 16 days long and starts from $2,489, and
  • Israel, Jordan and Egypt: Petra to the Pyramids, which is between 14 and 17 days from $3,299.

Egypt and the Nile

Included in this package is the following:

  • 6 nights in handpicked hotels.
  • 4 nights aboard a Nile River cruise ship.
  • 10 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 9 dinners with beer or wine.
  • 8 sightseeing tours which are professionally guided.
  • The provision of an Egyptologist who is also the tour director.
  • Private deluxe motor coach, and
  • 2 on-tour flights.

Additional highlights which are standard included in the package include:

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • The Great Sphinx
  • Temples of Karnak and Luxor
  • Luxor Museum
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Aswan
  • A Felucca sailboat ride, and
  • Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

8.Other points of interest in Africa that offer helicopter rides and tours

Africa offers travellers and tourists with some of the most unforgettable experiences and there are numerous more adventures to be had apart from what has already been mentioned in every country in Africa.

Other iconic tourist destinations that are worthy of mentioning in terms of offering breath-taking views from a helicopter include the following countries.


Batoka Sky Helicopters offers tourists with an incredible experience and the added benefit is that up to 16 passengers can be taken on scenic flights to the Victoria Falls, Batoka Gorge, Zambezi River, and the lush Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park on the “Flight of Angels”.

In addition to offering three different scenic flights including the 15, 20, and 30-minute scenic flight, it also includes another experience namely the Gorge Picnic with the helicopter descending into the gorge only to land and offer tourists with a delicious picnic.


In Morocco, tourists are provided the opportunity to experience a helicopter ride to the Sahara with an included luxury desert camp. This package offers a two-day tour where tourists are collected from their Marrakech accommodation and taken to the airport.

After being cleared by security, tourists can make their way to the helicopter where they will be briefed on safety, and the trip can begin. During this scenic trip, tourists are taken across the High Atlas Mountains to view Ait Ben Haddou Ksar.

Continuing from here, tourists are taken to Errachidia Airport to meet their driver for an unforgettable Safari to the Sahara Desert. Upon arrival, tourists are offered a camel ride and a night’s stay in a luxury Berber Desert camp amidst the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.

This is a unique experience of wilderness and culture, and after the African sun rises over the sand dunes, guests can have breakfast in their camp before being collected by their guide for the trip back to Errachidia Airport and another helicopter ride back to Marrakech.

This is just one of the many adventures that tourists can experience in Morocco, and it is one of the countries that should form part of an adventurous traveller’s itinerary while travelling across the African Continent.


Archipelago offers tourists with another way to explore and view Mozambique through the provision of a scenic helicopter ride.

Archipelago Charters is the premium provider of luxury helicopter chauffer air service in the country that operates with a variety of both Eurocopter and Bell helicopters.

Passengers can experience the Archipelago from the elegance of flamingos, sea life which includes Dugons, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, breath-taking sunsets and golden dunes, along with lighthouses and pristine islands from the comfort of the cabin.

There are numerous packages available which can either be arranged for early mornings or in the afternoon with flights departing from the Vilanculos airport.

Some of the packages available to tourists with current prices include:

  • Santa Carolina Island which is a 34 to 40-minute trip and starts from $1,600.00 per trip.
  • Bazaruto Island which is a 45 to 50-minute trip starting from $1,800.00 per trip.
  • Benguerra Island and Magaruque which is a 25 to 30-minute trip which starts form $1,200.00 per trip, and
  • Magaruque Island which is a 10 to 15-minute trip from $800.00 per trip.

Final Thoughts

Despite the type of adventure that tourists seek, they are bound to find what their hearts desire on the African Continent in one of its diverse, stunning and accommodating countries.

One visit to the African Continent is not merely enough and it would take more than a lifetime to fully experience all that Africa has to offer but starting with a helicopter tour is one of the best ways in which to experience Africa and her beauty.

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