The majestic Jock Safari Lodge, situated at the confluence of the Mitomeni and Biyamiti rivers in the south-western corner of the iconic Kruger National Park, has been exclusively designed to offer the discerning nature lover a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience in the African wilderness. Nestled in lush vegetation with breathtaking views of the bush, the beauty of this tranquil haven will leave you breathless.

Jock Safari Lodge Kruger is set amid 6 000 hectares of pristine natural wilderness. Guest here are afforded the best game-viewing experiences Africa has to offer. With exclusive riverbed traversing rights, you can expect to view a wide variety of spectacular wildlife species up close.

Here you can trace the footsteps of the world-famous Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and his legendary dog, Jock. You can relive this wonderful story of adventure in Sir Percy Fitzpatrick’s, animal classic, Jock of the Bushveld.  Original memorabilia dating from this period in the country’s history, which are on display at the main lodge, create a sense of stepping back in time.

The legend of an intrepid explorer, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and his trusted dog, Jock, lives on at Jock Safari Lodge.

Jock Safari Lodge staff takes the utmost care to make your luxury Kruger Safari experience as unique and memorable as possible whilst bringing in historical elements of the Kruger area and, indeed, South Africa. Join us and relive the days of authentic safari experiences.

The Caleo Foundation is proud to own this property and is guided by a philosophy of quality, excellence and distinction. The pleasure is ours… make the experience yours!


The lure of gold brought fortune hunters from all corners of the world to Southern Africa. Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, author of the animal classic, Jock of the Bushveld, was one such pioneer. The gold-rich capital of Thula Mela, situated on a hill at the fork of the Limpopo and Lebuvu rivers, 200km north of Jock Safari Lodge, served as the trading hub of Southern Africa.

These prospectors had to journey through some of Africa’s most scenic, untamed regions. It is in this area that Jock Safari Lodge is based, with its southern boundary the old Voortrekker route from Delagoa Bay in Mozambique (now Maputo) to the goldfields of the then Old Transvaal interior at Pilgrim’s Rest. Today, the wilderness experience of these early pioneers remains largely unchanged at Jock Private Lodge. Guest can still experience the same adrenalin rush when encountering one of the Big Five – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino – up close and personal.

The Jock Safari Lodge Kruger concept was pioneered by the descendants of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick – the Niven family. They used the trust funds of Sir Fitzpatrick in 1982 to fence off and build a lodge, in 1982 to protect the area and its indigenous trees, close to where the story of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and his dog, Jock took place.

Sir Fitzpatrick was educated at Downside Abbey, near Bath (England), and later at St Aidan’s College, Grahamstown, in the Cape Province of South Africa. Upon his father’s death in 1880, he left college in order to support his mother and her family. In 1884 he went to the Eastern Transvaal gold-fields, where he became a jack of all trades – he worked as store man, prospector’s hand, journalist and transport-rider, travelling from Lourenco Marques to Lydenburg and Barberton by ox-wagon.

It was in Barberton where he became editor of the Gold Fields News. His adventures during the pioneering days in the Bushveld are vividly described in Jock of the Bushveld, now a South African classic. At bedtime, he used to recount his experiences with his dog, Jock, to his four children.

Rudyard Kipling, an intimate friend, took part in these story-telling evenings and persuaded Fitzpatrick to collect the stories in book form. He then searched for a suitable artist to illustrate the book and came across Edmund Caldwell, whom he brought to South Africa to see the Bushveld and make the drawings on the spot. The book appeared in 1907 and had an enthusiastic reception, being reprinted four times in that year. It has remained a firm favourite in South Africa over the years. It has also been widely read abroad and was published in different forms and in many languages.


Conservation is the cornerstone of the Jock Safari Lodge ethos. Both lodges have been built and managed to the most stringent eco-management criteria in South Africa, audited by the KNP and the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism on a bi-annual basis.

For the Jock team, it is all about protecting the environment, flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy. Off-road driving on this private concession is permitted for predator sightings. This is, however, done in an environmentally sensible manner, as tyre damage to the veld can take up to two years to repair. Jock Safari Lodge is 100% committed to maintaining a low ecological footprint, so a to remain true to the overall conservation ethos of the Caleo Foundation.

The Kruger National Park (KNP) is unrivalled in the diversity of its life forms and a world leader in advanced environmental management techniques and policies. It is home to an impressive 404 tree-, 53 fish-, 35 amphibian-, 118 reptile-, 505 bird- and 148 mammal species!

The first explorer to set foot in the region was the Dutchman, Francois de Cuiper, who led a Dutch East India Company exploration expedition. Voortrekker expeditions in 1938, led by Louis Trichardt and Hans van Rensburg, successfully establish forward outposts. Hundreds of Europeans and farmers came to the Lowveld, lured by rumours of gold, ivory and skins, which led to a huge decrease in animal numbers due to poaching.

President Paul Kruger was informed about the rapid destruction of wildlife in the area by hunters and he succeeded in persuading the Transvaal Parliament to establish a protected area for the wildlife in the Lowveld region. The “Sabie Game Reserve”, which is now the southern part of the KNP, was established in 1898, and is bordered by the Crocodile River in the south, the Sabie River in the north, the Lebombo Mountains in the east and the Drakensberg Mountains in the west. These reserves would eventually expand into today’s iconic Kruger National Park.

The Anglo-Boer War halted any further development of the reserve, but the British, after winning the war, proceeded to develop the Sabie Game Reserve in 1902, and gave the task to Major James Stevenson-Hamilton to protect the animals against hunters and farmers. The park was opened to the public in 1927.

He became the parks’ first warden, spending the next 40 years protecting and rehabilitating what the war had destroyed and subsequently acquired another 10, 000ha for the reserve. After World War I, the KNP was protected by the government of South Africa and the first ranger was Paul Bester.

We are incredibly honoured to be custodians of this land and to be able to share it with our guests in the most sustainable way possible. When you leave Jock, you will be sure to have a newfound appreciation, and respect, for Mother Nature.

Kruger Jock Safari Lodge is actively involved with numerous conservation and research projects of rare and endangered species such as: black and white rhino, lion, wild dog, Marshall eagle and the ground hornbill. More recently, Jock Safari Lodge was thrilled to be a part of a demographic research study, in conjunction with the Kruger National Park, into the impact of bovine tuberculosis on lion populations.


A unique bushveld wildlife experience


The lodge with 6 000 hectares of natural landscape within the Kruger National Park, offers guests two accommodation options (Jock Safari Lodge & Fitzpatrick’s at Jock) in one of the best Big Five habitats in southern Africa.

The Main Jock Lodge’s architecture oozes an old-worldly charm, and its unobtrusive architecture blends in perfectly with its natural bush surrounds. The rich earthy decor and memorabilia from a bygone era of African exploration, give the lodge its tranquil ambience. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. It is an opulent space in which to relax and unwind. Dedicated and passionate staff caters to all the needs of the discerning nature lover.

Twelve secluded thatched suites, veiled by lush vegetation and reed walls, offer guests luxurious privacy and tranquillity in the bush. Each suite has its own en-suite bathroom, deck with plunge pool, and a sala with day bed.

Kruger Jock Safari Lodge Facilities:

• Lounge with indoor and outdoor dining facilities

• Large deck with pool and recliners.

• Library with television and DVD player

• Complimentary Wi-fi

• Gift Boutique

• Fireplace

• Bar

• Boma

• Relaxation Retreat with steam room, sauna and hydrotherapy bath.

Main Jock Lodge Suite Amenities

• Air conditioning

• Minibar

• Hairdryer

• Tea and coffee making facilities

• Private plunge pool and private deck

• International dial telephone

• Electronic safe

• Ceiling fan

• Sala

• En-suite bathroom with outdoor shower.


Personally assigned rangers will delight in sharing their knowledge of this astounding natural treasure trove of the bushveld and slowly the mysteries of the wild will unfold.

Sighting the “Big Five” has become something of a quest for many people when on safari, and the Kruger National Park has more than its fair share of these, with an estimated 1 700 lion,

15 000 elephant, 25 000 buffalo and 1 000 leopards.

Jackalberry trees older than written history, are pointed out and the myriad of insects, birds, mammals and reptiles that exist in this leafy ecosystem are explained. The sheer wonder of Mother Nature at work in this microcosm, makes one eager to experience and understand more and to experience untouched paradise in its purest form.

With the Kruger National Park being so vast it naturally has a tremendous botanic diversity. Simplistically the Kruger National Park can be divided into 16 macro ecozones. The northern half of the park, north of the Olifants River, is predominantly mopane veld, while south of the Olifants River the ecozones are thornveld. There are 404 tree species in the park.

The amarula tree, so very African, can be seen overflowing with baboons plundering the juicy fruit while keeping a wary eye out for the leopard that abounds in the Jock concession. Taste the sour plum and experience a taste explosion, or spot the various plants with medicinal value ranging from stomach cures to hangover solutions and even a bush Viagra!!

The vast expanse of this wild land slows one down, and with this inner peace comes an ability to really incite the senses.

Every game drive and wilderness walk is a revelation of nature and its hidden treasures.

For guests self-driving to Jock Safari Lodge, check in is at 14h00 on the day of arrival and check-out is at 11h00 on the day of departure.


A host of activities are on offer to make your safari experience memorable and unique.


Jock Safari Lodge’s creative chefs are adept and passionate about serving only the best food prepared from locally sourced ingredients.

From the scrumptious breakfast, light lunches and three-course dinners, served at your preferred location, guests are assured of tastes and flavours that will tantalise the taste buds. Fine wine compliments all the dishes to perfection.

Freshly baked delicacies served during the afternoon High Tea will delight even the most discerning palate. Dining at Jock is truly festive occasions.


Morning and evening drives in covered safari vehicles are conducted by highly experienced rangers. After an early wake-up call and a cup of coffee and some rusks, you will be ready to head to the bush. Traversing through the concession, the diversity of wildlife species is staggering.

Guests can expect thrilling sightings such as a herd of elephant at play or even a pride of lions feasting on a kill. The possibilities are endless in this pristine wilderness haven and dawn offers the best opportunity to observe the animals as they prepare for the day. Upon your return to the lodge a hearty breakfast will await you.

At dusk, a vantage point is chosen to overlook one of the many breath-taking views of the Kruger National Park. The bush slowly starts to recover from the heat of the day. This is the perfect time for some sundowners en-route whilst your experienced ranger shares his awesome tales of the bush.

En-route back to the lodge, catching a glimpse of nocturnal animals such as leopard, hyena and lion in the spotlight will keep the adrenalin pumping. After freshening up it is time to enjoy a scrumptious dinner accompanied by a wide variety of vine vintages.


After a hearty breakfast, the more adventurous can opt for a wilderness walk. This walk offers the avid nature lover another perspective on the African Wilderness. Guest can feel the wild through the soles of their feet. A bush walk engages all the senses and provides a thrill a minute.

The anticipation of a sighting of one of the Big Five – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant – will have you breathless. Your armed ranger will also show your some of nature’s tiny secrets that will leave you in complete awe.

The diversity of fauna and flora in this unique concession truly comes alive when viewed on foot. Sharing a space with Africa’s creatures does not get better than this. A comfortable pair of walking shoes is an absolute must for this exercise!



Where you tee off in the company of the beasts…

Jock Safari Lodge offers all golfers free transfers to Leopard Creek Golf Club just outside the Malelane Gate of the Kruger National Park.

All transfers are done on a open safari vehicle so your trip to the course is a game drive in itself!

Innovative architectural and landscaping techniques ensure that the Leopard Creek Golf Course and its surrounding living areas are naturally protected from animals, while lakes and small streams have been diverted through the development to create scenic vistas and challenging golf strategies.

Golfing hazards take on a new dimension at Leopard Creek, for much of the water is home to the magnificent creatures after whom the river is named, crocodiles. In addition to the decorative water features seen throughout the course, guests can also look forward to the frequent crocodile, hippo, antelope, buffalo and elephant sighting in the Kruger National Park which borders the greens.

Players, please note the appropriate golfing attire that is required: Collar shirts with sleeves and tailored trousers or shorts with white socks. Please ensure you wear the correct golfing shoes with golf/rubber spikes.


The abundance of bird species that call this wilderness home, will enthral and delight passionate birders. From majestic raptors such as the martial-, tawny- and fish eagle, to the steppe buzzard and starling, a feathery feast awaits through your binoculars.

One can even spot a wide variety of bushveld birds right from your recliner on the deck. Most common are hornbills, starlings, boubous (African bush shrike) and woodpeckers – the list, however, is endless. The most lucrative time for birding in the Kruger is during late summer (January and February). Kruger attracts a huge variety of bird species because of its many different habitats.


Pilgrim’s Rest, the quaint historical mining town featured so prominently in “Jock of the Bushveld”, was a place to rest, rejuvenate and restock. This mining town is still a tranquil haven even today, and so is the Pilgrim’s Rest Retreat at Jock Safari Lodge.

At this special retreat in the heart of the camp, guests can indulge in a wide variety of pampering treatments which are guaranteed to revive body and mind. Inspired by the earthy and natural elements of the bush, the comprehensive selection of body and beauty treatments cater for men and women.

Frequently asked questions about Pilgrim’s Rest Retreat

• What should I bring??

A bathing suit/ bikini is required should you wish you wish to make use of the sauna. Robes and towels are provided by the spa.

• Can I ask the therapist to adjust certain things to increase my comfort?

Definitely. It is your time and you should enjoy the experience to the fullest. For example, ask for the massage pressure to be adjusted, or for your favourite aroma blend.

What if I have special health considerations?

Please inform your therapist of any health conditions, for example, pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy etc.

Do you have treatments for both men and women?

Our spa caters for both men and women designed to benefit both.



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From Johannesburg

• Take the N12 national road to Witbank which becomes the N4. Follow the N4 through Mbombela (Nelspruit) and Malalane. About 2km outside Malalane, take the turn-off to enter the Kruger National Park at the Malelane Gate, where an entrance fee is payable. Please have your confirmation or voucher with you.

• Once through this gate, continue on the H3 road, for about 37km and turn left at the “Jock Safari Lodge” sign. A3 km dirt road will take you up to the lodge. Distance from Johannesburg: +/- 458km.

Note: The camp is situated half way between Skukuza and Malelane gates approximately 35 km in both directions with only 3 km of dirt road. Due to the rules and regulations of the Kruger National Park, nobody is allowed on any Kruger National Park roads during the period of gates being closed. Therefore, guests must be at their destination by the time the gates’s close.


Jock Safari Lodge is approximately 45 minutes to an hour from the Malelane Gate and therefore we recommend that flights to / from Kruger Mpumalanga Airport (KMIA/MQP) are booked to:

• arrive before 14h30 on day of arrival

• depart after 10h00 on day of departure

GPS Co-ordinates

• Main Jock Lodge: S 25’ 13.059’ | E 031’ 33.850’

• Fitzpatrick’s at Jock: S 25’ 13.490’ | E 031’ 34.007’


Central Reservations are able to arrange your transfer by air or by road.

Road transfers are done by an accredited company with the applicable liability and insurances in place. All transfers must be booked through the reservations department prior to arrival. Vehicles used for transfers might change due to availability, but will be similar in size

Self-drive and road transfers from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA/MQP) are subject to Kruger National Park gate times. The Kruger National Park prohibits the use of roads within the park once the gates are closed; therefore, guests need to be at their destination and transfer companies must be outside the park by the time the gates close. Jock Safari Lodge is approximately one (1) hour from the Malelane Gate and therefore we recommend that flights to / from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA/MQP) are booked to:

No alternative arrangements can be made.

Transfers between Jock Safari Lodge and Skukuza / Malalane

These transfers are done by Jock Safari Lodge in an open safari vehicle. Closed vehicles shall be used should an open vehicle not be available.


Transfer charges will be added to the total booking value and is payable with accommodation.


100% (Full) cancellation will be charged for all transfers cancelled within 48 hours of travelling.


Jock Safari Lodge offers road transfers to and from Skukuza Airport in open game drive vehicles, by a qualified ranger. Upon collection from the airport the adventure begins and refreshments will be served en-route to the lodge.

Transfers can be booked directly with our Reservations department at a cost of ZAR 500.00 per person, per way. All transfers must be pre-arranged and paid to Jock Safari Lodge.

Guest are liable to pay the Daily Conservation Fees as per the table below on arrival in the park. (Jock will happily settle this fee on your behalf, and conveniently add it to your room account.)

With the Skukuza Airport fully operational it will ensure less time travelling for guests as it is only a 1-hour road transfer from the airport to Jock Safari Lodge, whereas the KMIA is 2 hours. Not only it is a cost-effective way to travel, but guests also experience the incredible game viewing from the time they land inside the Kruger National Park.

Flights can be booked through Air Link.

Airlink operates daily direct convenient flights between Johannesburg and Skukuza as well as between Cape Town International Airport and Skukuza.


An intimate Kruger Safari Lodge on the edge of the Biyamiti

Fitzpatrick’s at Jock is the perfect haven for small groups, families and individuals seeking to unwind amidst the natural beauty of the Kruger National Park. The lodge offers three perfectly appointed rooms that also cater for children. Guests can soak up the African sun next to their private pool while appreciating the sounds of the wilderness.

Fitzpatrick’s at Jock is child-friendly and offers the Kids on Safari programme to encourage educational and recreational wildlife activities. Child-minding services are available. Children are also treated to game drives and a range of other wildlife activities. Guests can also take time out to relax at the Pilgrim’s Rest Relaxation Retreat.


An intimate lodge on the edge of the Biyamiti.

• Rock swimming pool

• Lounge with television and library

• Second lounge with fireplace

• Complimentary Wi-Fi

• Tea and expresso machine.

• Pilgrim’s Rest Relaxation Retreat.

Fitzpatrick’s at Jock Suite Configuration

• 2 of the 3 rooms can sleep a max of 2 adults sharing with 2 children (age dependent) per room

• King/twin-bedded luxury rooms

• Air conditioning

• Minibar

• Hairdryer

• Tea and coffee making facilities

• International dial telephone

• Electronic safe

• Ceiling fan

• En-suite bathroom with outdoor shower.


Fitzpatrick’s at Jock is a 3-room stand-alone lodge offering families personal service in an intimate atmosphere. Upon arrival the host and/or ranger will discuss activity options with the family taking the family’s size, children’s ages and the weather into consideration. Child-minding is available at an additional cost. Each child will receive a gift pack containing small gifts, most of which they can use during their stay at Fitzpatrick’s at Jock.

Outdoor Kids Activities

•  A visit the Stevenson Hamilton Museum in Skukuza

• En-route to and from Skukuza, they will enjoy a game drive (in a closed vehicle) which will stop at a number of lookout points where refreshments can be enjoyed

• Junior ranger training while on kiddies drive

• Night walk within the camp

• A selection of arts, crafts and games, including a play-dough session.

• Mini chefs

• A selection of entertaining and educational children’s books

Please Note:

• All swimming activities must be supervised by parents at all times.

• Game drives for children younger than 6 are conducted in closed vehicles as per rules and regulations of the Kruger National Park.

• Child-minding services must be arranged with reservations, prior to arrival at an additional cost.

• Children must bring good walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen, as well as allergy medication.

Contact us to book your memorable family safari now.


An intimate lodge on the edge of the Biyamiti.

Check-in & Check-out Times

For guests self-driving to Jock Safari Lodge, check-in is at 14h00 on day of arrival and check-out is at 11h00 on day of departure.

Entering Kruger National Park

The camp is situated half way between Skukuza and Malelane gates – approximately 29 km in both directions – with only 3km of dirt road to traverse. Due to the rules and regulations of the Kruger National Park, nobody is allowed on any Kruger National Park roads during the period of gates being closed. Therefore, guests must be at their destination by the time the gates close.

What Do I Need to Pack?

• Sun block

• Hat/cap

• Walking boots

• Comfortable and casual clothing

• Warm tops for game drives

• Camera (300 – 600mm lenses for good photographs)

• Medication for allergies. Jock Safari Lodge is in a low-risk malaria area. Please consult your doctor about prophylaxis before your trip and do not forget to pack it.