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MoAfrika has a range of interesting safari touring packages available for those who are looking for a bit on an adventure deep in the heart of Africa. When you are looking for a tour from Johannesburg, the kind that will have you exploring the bush, then Pilanesberg safaris are most certainly what you should be looking at. The Pilanesberg is one of South Africa’s largest national parks. And affordable tours and trips to the park are quite common. This game reserve is a one of a kind place to visit, especially considering just how close it is to the city of Johannesburg. When you find yourself on a day trip to the city but you also want to get a safari in during your time in the area, you couldn’t find a better location than the Pilanesberg. Here you can enjoy a truly authentic African safari experience. And even if you only have 3 days to spare, they will be 3 days filled with incredible animal sightings and other memorable experiences. Our tours leave each day, early in the morning, taking guests straight into the park to begin their exciting 3 day adventure. The stunning Pilanesberg National Park is situated a short drive away from another holiday destination, Sun City, in the North West Province of South Africa. Although it is nowhere near as big as South Africa’s most famous national park, the Kruger, it will still give you everything you could want from a safari. Home to the Big 5 as well as numerous other animal species, the Pilanesberg’s allure goes beyond the wildlife. The actual geographical structure of the park has an amazing story to tell of its own. Time spent in South Africa should include a genuine African safari. 3 day tours not only give you plenty of time to see many of the animals in the park, but they also provide ample time to sit back and catch your breath. Away from the noise of the city, and away from your every day, draining routine, a 3 day Pilanesberg safari will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to head back to the real world. The Pilanesberg is magical in its own right, and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time here.

The 3 day Pilanesberg tours

Not everyone is lucky enough to spend more than a single day in the park. So if you find that you have some time to spare and you have really been looking forward to an African safari, the 3 day tours of the Pilanesberg could be just the safari you are looking for. The Pilanesberg has an animal population of about 7000, as well as around 300 species of birds. This is also one of the parks in South Africa where you will be able to see the famous Big 5. Three days in the park will give you plenty of time to see the various animals while also learning about the unique geographical characteristics of this area of the country. While the park is the best place to unwind, it is also a photographers dream. And you don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture some truly incredible shots. In the park, sitting in the back of an open safari vehicle, you will be at the perfect height to spot animals while you will also have a great angle to take that shot. The wildlife might be what brings guests to the Pilanesberg, but once here they see that there is so much more to the park than meets the eye. This small reserve is seated snuggly within a volcanic crater and although the volcano is no longer active, it has been in the past. Which explains the unique rock features as well as the rich soil.


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Choosing your Pilanesberg tour

For those who only have a day to spend in the park, the single day tour provides enough time in the area to see all kinds of animals and to enjoy some downtime. And for those who have a little more time to spare, there is the 2 day tour and the 3 day tour, both of which are fantastic options for families, couples and single people alike! At MoAfrika, we try to have a little something for everyone. As a result, there is a number of tour options that you can choose from. Luxury tours, as well as budget tours, are available, and if you are looking for something a little different we have a selection of camping options as well. Our luxury tours offer more inclusive options. Each tour, whether it is a single day tour or a 3 day tour, is designed to give you as much time enjoying game drives as possible. Guests begin each day with an early morning game drive. This is the ideal time of the day to be in the park, while the animals are grazing before the sun makes the heat unbearable.

Choosing a family friendly tour

The 3 day Pilanesberg tour is a family friendly tour. With an affordable safari option, as well as a pricey option should you prefer it, you can treat your family to an unforgettable stay in Africa. Each safari is very safe, which is partly what makes it ideal for children. Guests will be driven in the back of an open safari vehicle and while driving along the various popular routes, guests will be told about the park and the animals they see. 3 day tours are great for family bonding and as we have a number of affordable options, you will be in for an unforgettable experience.

A luxury tour of the Pilanesberg

To treat yourself or that special someone in your life, there is the option of a luxury tour of the park. Designed to include more creature comforts, our luxury 2 and 3 day tours of the Pilanesberg might be just what you are looking for when it comes to selecting a safari. These tours are going to give you plenty of time driving around the park, as well as some relaxing downtime thereafter. Be sure to have a look at all of the options available.

A Closer Look at our 3 day Pilanesberg safaris

As mentioned before, the 3 day Pilanesberg tours are a fantastic option to go for. They give you more than enough time to actually relax while they are also great for seeing everything you have come to see. We have the following 3 day tours available: the 3 day Camping Adventure, the 3 Day 3 Star Pilanesberg Safari and the 3 Day 4 Star Pilanesberg Safari.


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The 3 Day Camping Adventure

This has to be one of the most rustic ways to experience the Pilanesberg, and if it is rustic and rugged that you are going for then this could be just for you. On the first day of this safari, we’ll pick you up from Johannesburg and enter the park for an early morning game drive. We then stop for lunch before heading to either the Bakgatla or Manyane Camp for dinner after spending some time at leisure in the afternoon. The second day and third day will consist of plenty of game drives. The second evening is another one spent camping while on the third day you will be driven back to Johannesburg.

The 3 Day 3 Star Pilanesberg Safari

When you are looking to add a little luxury to your stay in the Pilanesberg, we recommend this safari. Guests are collected early in the morning from Johannesburg and taken on a 3 day trip around the park. Each day will include at least 2 game drives and time to relax between the drives. You will be staying in style and comfort at either the Bakgatla or Manyane resort, in a comfortable chalet. This 3 star accommodation, along with at least 3 guided tours of the Pilanesberg makes this an unforgettable experience.

The 3 Day 4 Star Pilanesberg Safari

The last 3 day safari that we have available is the 3 Day 4 Star Pilanesberg safari. This option includes a stay at 1 of 4 luxury lodges within the Pilanesberg, namely the Bakubung Bush Lodge, the Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge, the Black Rhino Game Lodge or the Pilanesberg Private Lodge. This tour is designed to include 4 star accommodation, entrance to Sun City as well as at least 3 guided game drives in the Pilanesberg National Park. The team at MoAfrika is passionate about Africa and we always enjoy guiding our guests to the best areas in the Pilanesberg. With our years of experience, we have guided hundreds of guests around the Pilanesberg National Park. Our unique tours are well priced and we always try to bring a fresh approach to each Pilanesberg safari we take our guests on.


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