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The Ultimate 2 Day Garden Route and Wildlife Tour

Experience a piece of paradise

The Garden Route in South Africa is a 300km stretch of coastline that is one of the most exquisite driving routes the world. It stretches between Heidelberg in the Western Cape and Storms River in the Eastern Cape. It is a route that always receives rave reviews from locals and global travellers alike. Many people explore the Garden Route again and again, as there is just so much to see, do and experience.

Spectacular Natural Beauty

This route of pure, natural beauty provides a spectacular tour experience with attractions all the way. There are ancient forests, majestic mountains, pristine beaches, wildlife safaris, wine farms, picturesque towns and pure adventure opportunities all the way.

An Amazing Study in Contrasts

A journey along the Garden Route is a tapestry of different landscapes, and part of what makes it so exciting to do. You’ll experience everything from deeply lush forests, verdant farmlands and vividly coloured wildflowers, to semi-arid dessert. There are wild, untouched beaches as well as popular surfing mecca beaches. These incredible contrasts inspire many artists and writers who have chosen to live at different spots on the Garden Route, lending their unique and quirky vibe to each town you visit.

Even the towns show contrast – from sleepy and traditional, to towns steeped in rich history to trendy towns full of eclectic shops, restaurants and locals. All are uniquely charming and fascinating in their own way.

There is even contrast in the way you can choose to experience the Garden Route. You can soak it up in tranquillity and peace in the different natural surroundings. You can focus on the cultural treats of art, fine cuisine, wine and history. Or you can go for all-out adventure, of which there is every type imaginable. Where else can you go swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, surfing, bungying, cave climbing, abseiling, fishing, ziplining, sandboarding, horse riding and whale watching – all on the same route?

The wild inhabitants of the Garden Route are unsurpassed. There are opportunities to get up close and personal with whales, dolphins, elephant, cheetah, meerkat, lions, giraffe, zebra, ostrich and many other bird species.

Professional Guides and Private Travel

With so much on offer, you could easily take a month to explore this wonderland. Most of us don’t have that luxury, however. That shouldn’t stop you ‘though, because you can still enjoy the Garden Route experience over an unforgettable and enjoyable 2 days. If you need some time off, or a special celebration coming up, then the best way to experience the Garden Route is with a 1 Night Garden Route and Wildlife Tour, guided by professionals who will ensure you have the most memorable Garden Route experience. The tours are small and private, conducted in luxury vehicles that can transport a maximum of 13 travellers.

Build Your Tour Based on Your Budget

MoAfrika’s 1 Night Garden Route and Wildlife Tour packages are unique, in that you can make your bookings based on your budget. You can choose your accommodation option, ranging from super-fun backpackers, to comfortable and charming guesthouses, to world-famous luxury hotels.

You get to experience the glorious attractions of the Garden Route for 2 days, at the rates that suit you. Looking for specials and deals? We’ve got you covered with a reservation at a clean, modern and cosmopolitan backpackers. If you want comfortable and homey, the gorgeous guesthouses will suit you. Need a bit of luxury and pampering in your life? Then the deluxe options will tick all the boxes. Many people think that the Garden Route might be out of reach because of cost, but these flexible 2019/2020 packages make the Garden Route more accessible.

Easy Access

If you are a South African resident, it doesn’t matter whether you come from Cape Town, from Port Elizabeth, from Durban or from Gauteng, the Garden Route is a must-see and must-do holiday experience. It is perfect for solo travellers, couples, families, students and small groups. MoAfrika Tours 1 Night Garden Route and Wildlife Packages all start and end with a pick-up and drop off at your chosen destination in Cape Town. Locals can take a convenient domestic flight into Cape Town and get ready to enjoy a world-class experience. And why not add on some time in the Mother City too? We also offer bus tours and transfers from Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Other citizens will love the experience so much, they will come again and again to enjoy even more of what the amazing country of South Africa has to offer.

What is on the 2 Day Garden Route and Wine Tour Itinerary:

In just 2 days you can take in the natural wonders of the Garden Route, on a tour that includes:

  • Buffelsdrift 4×4 Bush Drive Safari
  • Route 62 Roadtrip
  • Botlierskop 4×4 Safari
  • Botlierskop Walking Safari
  • Elephant Bush Walk

Don’t delay and take advantage of the amazing 1 Night Garden Route and Wildlife Package option, for an experience that will delight and inspire.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in a 2 day Garden Route tour?

A typical 2 day garden route tour includes transportation, accommodation, meals, and guided tours of popular attractions along the garden route.


How much does a 2 day Garden Route tour cost?

The cost of a 2 day garden route tour varies depending on the tour company, the level of accommodation, and the number of people in the group. On average, prices range from $110 to $220 per person.


Can I customize my 2-day Garden Route tour?

Yes, many tour operators offer customizable options for their 2-day garden route tours. You may be able to choose which attractions you visit, where you stay overnight, and what activities you participate in. Be sure to check with your chosen tour operator for their specific customization options.