Pilanesberg National Park Private Tours

It is strongly advised that travellers pay a visit to the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa when they are travelling through Southern Africa. Pilanesberg National Park is the fourth largest wildlife park in the country.

The Pilanesberg National Park, which can be found in the Bojanala Region of the North West Province, takes its name from the crater that serves as its setting. This crater was formed as a result of an eruption that occurred millions of years ago, so, during your time in this location, you will find exploring the crater of this extinct volcano to be one of the most exciting activities available.

This one-of-a-kind game reserve is now home to the vast majority of the animal species that are indigenous to South Africa.The park encompasses a total area of 55,000 hectares and is home to roughly 7,000 species, all of which are granted the freedom to roam free and unrestricted throughout their natural habitat.

Because Pilanesberg is home to all of the Big 5 animals—elephant, rhino, leopard, buffalo, and lion—you can feel confident that you will be able to check off the majority of the game sightings on your list while you are there.

Other animals, including zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles, jackals, wild cats, and a variety of antelopes, as well as more than 300 different species of birds, can also be seen.

The journeys to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve start in Johannesburg and include not only game drives but also transportation to and from the park on both ends of the journey. During the game drives, you will have the opportunity to look for the “Big 5” as well as other species with the assistance of your very own personal guide who is highly qualified, and you will do it in a private car.

This experience is part of the perks of an exclusive, full-day private Pilanesberg safari adventure just for you and the individuals who are accompanying you.

In Pilanesberg National Park, you will have the opportunity to experience the day safari of a lifetime while remaining safely ensconced within the confines of an enclosed vehicle and benefiting from the help of your very own personal guide and driver.

Nearly 200 kilometres of roads can be explored in Pilanesberg National Park. Your guide will answer any and all questions that you may have concerning the incredible fauna and environment that you will be experiencing.

If you want to have a record of all the incredible species and breathtaking landscape that this national park has to offer for a long time to come, you should not leave without your camera.

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Some highlights of a private Pilanesberg safari

The following are some of the highlights that you may experience on a private day excursion to the Pilanesberg National Park:

  • A personal driver and guide that will attend solely to the needs of the passengers in the vehicle.
  • Your entrance fees to Pilanesberg National Park,
  • A pre-determined number of guided 4×4 safariexcursions in closed or open vehicles, and some light meals, may be included.
  • Game drives of typically between two and three and a half hours duration.

It is critical for tourists to remember that, while these are private trips, the areas visited are open to the public. This means that, in addition to themselves, other tourists may enjoy the same views while visiting the same locations.

Your trip

Safaris in enclosed vehicles typically begin in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

To get you to the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, your personal guide and driver will come to pick you up in a close air-conditioned vehicle from wherever you are staying in Johannesburg very early in the morning.

Your guide will take you on an exciting morning safari drive in a closed 4×4 safari vehicle when you arrive at the reserve. It is very likely that you will already see some of the National Park’s coveted animal species during this drive.

The guides are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable about the region and the people who live there. They will give you detailed information on each animal you come across.

They will make every effort to locate all of the Big 5 for you, but in the meantime, do not forget to admire the other species, including the smaller ones.

You will have lunch at one of the many rest camps located within the national park during the hottest part of the day, which is also when animal sightings are usually poor. Thereafter you will embark on the second safari drive of the day, which will take place in an enclosed vehicle.

Your park excursion will conclude between 15:30 and 16:00, when youwill depart in order to return to Johannesburg before dusk.

Your tour price includes pick-up and drop-off service from any location in Johannesburg, conducted by a private guide who also doubles as a driver in an air-conditioned car.

It should also include Pilanesberg National Park entrance fees, as well as at least one early morning safari excursion in an enclosed 4×4 vehicle with a private guide and one afternoon safari excursion in an enclosed 4×4 vehicle with a private guide, with drives lasting between two and three and a half hours.

While a snack at one of the camp’s restaurants may be included, any items purchased for yourself are not included in the tour price.


Can you go on private safaris in Pilanesberg National Park?

Yes, some tour operators now offer full-day private safari excursion for just you and the people who are accompanying you. This means you will be driven by your own private driver and guide to and from the park and on game drives.

What is the duration of a private tour to Pilanesberg National Park?

The park is only a few hours’ drive from Johannesburg and the OR Tambo International Airport, so a private full day tour will start at about 06:00 and last until around 16:00. Private trips of two, three and more days can also be booked.

Is a “private safari” to Pilanesberg National Park completely private?

Tourists must note that only the transfers and game drives are completely private. The attractions that are visited, are open to the public so there may be other tourists who visit the same locations to enjoy the same views.

Do you need a 4×4 to visit Pilanesberg National Park?

No, Pilanesberg National Park has nearly 200 kilometres of roads in fair condition, so that visitors can alight on their own drives or join guidedsafariexcursionsto witness the wildlife.