6 Day Kruger Park Comfort Safaris

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is a 6 day Comfort safari in the Kruger Park enough time for the whole Park experience?

The length of your comfort safari in the Kruger Park will depend on your budget, interests, and schedule, but most travelers find that 6 days is a good balance between time in the park and time for other activities or destinations.


What would be the disadvantages of a 6 day Comfort Kruger Park Safari in December?

December is a peak travel season, and the Park can get crowded, leading to longer wait times at gate entrances and more vehicles on game drives.  Temperatures are hot and humid, making outdoor activities less comfortable.  Many animals retreat to shaded areas and are less active, making sightings less frequent.  Heavy rainfall can cause road closures limiting wildlife sightings. Peak season in December can result in higher costs for accommodation, activities, and transport. 


What type of accommodation is best for a 6 day Comfort safari in the Kruger Park?

The type of accommodation that is best for a 6 day comfort safari in the Kruger Park depends on your personal preferences and budget. Some options to consider include Luxury lodges, Private Luxury safari Villas suitable for groups, Private lodges and camps in the private consession areas within the Park, Tented camps and Treehouse for the more adventurous.