Shark Diving Tours

Frequently Asked Questions



Can you experience shark diving in Cape Town, South Africa?

Yes, there are many shark diving tour operators in Cape Town, South Africa that can take you to the best shark diving spots in various locations.


Are shark diving tours worth it?

Shark diving tours in Cape Town are world-renowned for spotting/getting up close to some of the world’s most incredible shark species such as the Blue and Mako shark, Bronze Whaler, Sevengill cow hark, and the elusive Great White shark.


Are shark diving tours expensive?

The average cost for a shark diving experience in Cape Town is approximately $270 per person for a morning trip during busy season and more or less $190 during the low season.


When is the best time for shark diving tours in Cape Town?

The best will be to contact a shark diving operator who can advise you on the best times to book for shark seeing tours based on latest sightings and weather conditions


Why are there so many sharks in Cape Town waters?

The sharks are mainly attracted by the approximately 64 000 Cape fur seals that live on Seal Island.