Garden Route Day Tours


Frequently Asked Questions



Is it possible to cover the whole Garden route drive on a one-day tour?

The Garden Route distance is 190 miles/306km which make it quite possible to cover the whole route on day tours.


What is the best time for Garden Route Day tours?

The weather along the Garden Route is pleasant all year round. Summers are mild and winters are mild to cool which make it any time of year a good time for Garden route day tours


What activities can I expect from Garden Route Day tours?

You can expect activities such as a visit to one of the many Nature Reserves along the route, bungi jumping, visit the world-famous Ostrich farm, visits to museums, canyon trips, visits to spectacular beaches.


Are there affordable accommodation options along the Garden Route?

Yes, the Garden Route offers a wide selection of accommodation types that suit every budget.


What is the Garden Route best known for?

The Garden Route is best known for a unique combination of more than 750 Cape “fynbos” (fine bush) species, Temperate Forest, 300 bird species, striking contrasts in scenery, endless mountain ranges, long stretches of pristine sandy beaches, grassland plains and lush vegetation along the coastline.