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What Is a 6- Day Kruger Park Budget Safari

The term “safari” refers to an overland journey to gain a better understanding of the Kruger Park’s diverse landscapes and animals.

Because it allows you to observe a range of animals in their natural habitat, going on a 6-day Kruger budget safari is an exciting and exciting method to see the “real Africa”.

There is a wide variety of options available for those interested in going on safari in Kruger Park, from expensive and exclusive private safaris to more economical and traditional group or individual safaris.

No matter which option you go with, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to explore this area and look for the “Big 5” animals of Africa, which are the elephant, lion, rhinoceros, leopard, and buffalo. 

A private luxury safari will involve a more indulgent experience in a more sophisticated safari retreat with creature comforts and luxury amenities, while a classic safari can still include amazing wildlife encounters while using the comfortable safari accommodation in Kruger National Park itself. 

You have the option of driving yourself or going on a guided, open-air vehicle safari that is both convenient and provides the greatest possible view of the local wildlife.

A Brief Overview of the Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is often considered to be the best place in the world to go on safari. Established in 1898, it covers an area of approximately 19,000 square kilometres and is home to a total of 147 mammal species, making it the largest national park in Africa. 

It is home to an estimated 13,000 elephants, 40,000 buffalo, 2,000 lions, and more rhinos than any other protected area. When it comes to safaris, Kruger National Park is an excellent choice on both the inexpensive and luxurious ends of the range. Moreover, several of the all-inclusive private and concession lodges that are connected with Kruger National Park, such as Mala Mala, Sabi Sabi, and Londolozi, are among the most exclusive, prestigious, and expensive in Africa.

What Should I Pack for My Safari ?

Remember your Passport, Itinerary, Travel Insurance Docs and air tickets as well as the following:

  • Pack the right clothing – free-flowing, comfortable gear and a warm jacket.
  • Pack comfortable walking shoes instead of hiking boots, normal sneakers or trainers will be sufficient. Only bring appropriate boots if you’re planning on exploring any hiking trails.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses as the sun can be extremely harsh.
  • Pack a book to enjoy in downtime in-between long game drives and walks or alternatively, get a birding book to get familiar with the bird species.
  • Pack all necessary medication and toiletries since certain items won’t be obtainable in certain areas of the Kruger National Park. 
  • Pack insect repellent since malaria is a mild concern in the summer months.
  • Pack lighter sized binoculars and camera equipment to capture the breath-taking moments.

What’s the Best Time to Go on Safari ?

The best time to go to the Kruger National Park in the north-eastern part of South Africa for a safari is from May to October. These months provide superb game as the animals are concentrated around water sources and are easy to spot in the thinned-out vegetation.

This is also High or Peak Season with the highest rates, so you need to book well in advance. You will experience cool and dry weather and great photography conditions.

3 Best 6-Day / 5-Night Kruger Park Packages

  1. MoAfrika Tours offer budget 6-day safaris where you can choose between driving yourself or going on a safari with a trained and experienced guide. Game drives in the morning, at sunset, or at night can form part of your package, but may be available as optional extras, because that is not usually included in the price you pay for your room.

  2. MoAfrika also offers luxury 6-day safaris into Kruger from Johannesburg. Accommodation is provided in luxury lodges in concessions inside the park or in private reserves on the western border of the park. Itineraries include breakfasts and dinners at the lodges, as well as morning and sunset game drives in open safari vehicles. Walking safaris and other activities are optional.

  3. Viator.com offers a 6-day safari from O R Tambo Airport with accommodation in en suite air conditioned chalets in a lodge in Balule Nature Reserve near Kruger National Park.

    It offers several 3 hour sunset drives, dinners in the form of a bush braai in a boma, game walks and morning game drives.

Pros and Cons of a 6-Day / 5-Night Safari

If you can spend six days on a safari in Kruger, you will not regret it. Keep the following pros and cons in mind:
Pros Cons
You can experience a large part of the Kruger National Park in six days The longer your safari, the more money it will cost
You can stay more than one night in each camp which will be less tiring If your day excursions are not planned properly, it may become boring
You should be able to get more interesting sightings You will have to pack more or consider washing clothes at a camp
You will have time for several additional activities

5 Tips for Going on Safari

  • The time of year you choose for your safari will definitely have an effect on your experience. In the summer the bush is thick and sightings more challenging whilst winters are dry but sightings are great. 
  • Kruger is not a Zoo. Trying to see all of the Big 5, even on a 6-day trip to Kruger may be a challenge. Don’t be disappointed but rather enjoy the stunning environment and smaller things. Take it slowly. The maximum speed limit is 50km/h on tar roads and 40km/h on dirt roads but even at this speed you may not notice animal hiding near the road. 
  • Pack sensibly for a Kruger Park Safari. Make sure your choice of clothing is comfortable and try keeping colours neutral. 
  • Stay in your vehicle at all times unless in a designated area where it is clearly marked that you may alight from a vehicle. 
  • Don’t feed any animals, it is a serious offence and offenders can be prosecuted. No plant or animal or part thereof may be removed from the park without permission.

Luxury vs Budget Safaris Explained

A budget safari, where you stay in the Kruger Park rest camps and drive yourself can be a good option when your budget is tight. You only have to pay the conservation fees and have the option to stay in a typical self-catering chalet that does not include any extra luxuries or treats.

On the other side, a luxury safari offers best opportunities to see the Big 5 species, as well as luxurious accommodations, and some of the best skilled guides and trackers in the business. 

If you are looking for six days of the very best five-star luxury safaris in Kruger, then visiting Greater Kruger’s private game reserves is the ideal way to a worthy safari experience.

Luxury Kruger Park Safaris provide a fully-inclusive package with accommodations ranging from four to five stars, exclusive and personalized service, meals, open vehicle safari drives and return road transfers from Johannesburg.

Optional Activities on Your 6-Day Safari

KNP offers an amazing variety of activities, each of which is geared toward bringing the guest closer to nature and making them feel more at home, so guests do not need to worry about how to occupy their spare time while they are there.

Participants can have peace of mind knowing experienced, competent, and armed guides will function as trail leaders and interpret the spectacular surroundings at regular intervals, regardless of whether they are participating in eco trails, backpacks, or day hikes. 

Included in the list of available activities are wilderness trails, guided walks, mountain biking, golfing and birdwatching.

Types of Accommodation to Choose From

Self-catering accommodations in Kruger National Park are available in the form of campsites, huts, bungalows, cottages, rondavels, safari tents, and guest houses. These are ideal for a self-drive safari, but you can also arrange for guided wildlife drives if you like.

Facilities in the camps include restaurants, stores, and gas stations. 

Independent management is provided for Kruger National Park’s concessions and luxury lodges, which are located within the park but are separate from the rest of the park. Your safari experience will be even more one of a kind due to the fact that only staying guests are allowed admission to the concessions, despite the fact that it is physically located within the park

The lodges that are operated within these private concessions are held to some of the highest standards that are available anywhere in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best time of year for a 6-day Budget Kruger Safari?

A 6-day Kruger Park Budget Safari is best done during the dry seasons, usually from May through September. The vegetation becomes less dense during this period, which makes it easier to see wildlife. Animals also gather near water sources and increase the likelihood of seeing them. It is the best time to visit for wildlife viewing and safaris. The weather is also ideal.


What is typically included in a 6-day budget Kruger park safari?

The typical 6-day Kruger Park budget safari includes accommodation at budget lodges and campsites.  Multiple game drives in open safari vehicles in the company of experienced guides. You can also take part in guided bushwalks to further enhance your wildlife experience.


What types of accommodation can I expect on a 6-day Budget Kruger Safari?

Types of accommodation that can be expected are: huts, bungalows, safari campsites, rondavels, cottages, safari tents and guesthouses.