3 Day Kruger Family Safaris

3 Day Kruger Park Classic Safari Tour

This Classic Kruger National Park safari tour is an ideal option for travellers on a tight time schedule who want to experience the wonders of South Africa’s iconic national park and its incredible animals and birds, including the famous Big 5.


R 12 180

3 Day Kruger Tremisana Lodge Safari

This popular 3-day safari tour takes you to one of the founding game lodges in a private game reserve that falls within the world-famous Greater Kruger.


R 13 635

3 Day Kruger Park Tree House Safari

The 2-night/3-day Treehouse Kruger safari offers guests a real African safari experience, staying in rustic but comfortable accommodation in the legendary treehouses at Marc’s Treehouse Lodge.


R 11445

Frequently Asked Questions


How can we make our 3-day family safari in Kruger National Park more eco-friendly?

There are several ways to make your 3-day family safari in Kruger National Park more eco-friendly: Choose eco-friendly accommodation,
Use reusable water bottles and avoid single-use plastics, Stick to designated roads and trails to minimize disturbance to the natural environment, Follow park rules and regulations to avoid harming wildlife and their habitats. Choose a tour operator that prioritizes eco-tourism and sustainable practices.


Is it possible to have a unique and customized 3day family safari in the Kruger Park?

Yes, it is possible to have a unique and customized 3day safari experience in the Kruger National Park that is tailored specifically to your family’s interests. Many safari operators and lodges offer customized itineraries that can be tailored to your family’s preferences, budget, and schedule.

What are some creative ways to keep children entertained and engaged during a 3 day family safari in the Kruger Park?

Aside from animal spotting they can engage in nighttime stargazing, explore local culture by visiting a nearby village or museum, take a guided walk with a ranger who can teach children about the local flora and fauna, and the importance of conservation and take their own photographs of the wildlife and landscapes they encounter on the safari.