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Frequently Asked Questions


Are their any family-friendly activities included in a 6 Day Kruger Park Treehouse safari?

Whether family-friendly activities are included in a 6-day Kruger Park Treehouse Safari will depend on the tour operator you choose. Some tour operators may offer activities specifically designed for families, such as guided nature walks, wildlife viewing and educational talks.


What kind of treehouse can I expect to stay in during a 6 Day Treehouse safari in the Kruger?

Common features of treehouses in Kruger Park include: Elevated location within the park, Private deck or veranda with views of the surrounding wildlife, Comfortable bedding and furnishings, Basic kitchenette or dining area, Solar-powered lighting and hot water. It is best to check with the tour operator to see what type of treehouses they offer and what amenities and facilities are included.


Are the treehouses suitable accommodation for families with children who go on a 6 Day safari in the Kruger Park?

Whether a 6-day Kruger Park Treehouse Safari is suitable for families with children will depend on the specific treehouses and tour operator. Some treehouses may have restrictions on the age of children allowed, while others may be designed with families in mind and have amenities such as safety railings and children’s beds.

It is best to check with the tour operator in advance to see if they have treehouses suitable for families with children and to discuss any specific needs or requirements you may have. Additionally, it’s a good idea to consider factors such as the age and experience of your children and any health or mobility issues when planning a safari in Kruger Park.