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South Africa has a number of places to go on safari. One of those places, in fact, one of the most popular places, is the geological wonder that is the Pilanesberg. Home to a variety of different animals, including members of the Big 5, when you visit the Pilanesberg on a day safari, you can be sure that you will leave the park with a more than a few fantastic memories.

1 day Pilanesberg safariThe Pilanesberg is the ideal place to go on a safari when you are near the city of Johannesburg, and you are looking for that perfect day out in the wild. The way that the day tours are structured means that you enter the park early in the morning which happens to be the perfect time to see wildlife. At midday, the tour stops off to allow guests to relax, and with one more tour in the afternoon, before you leave the park, there is ample time for some great sightseeing. The beautiful Pilanesberg is situated on the outskirts of Sun City, in South Africa’s North West Province. This dry region makes for the ideal habitat for some of South Africa’s most famous animals. But the park offers far more than just wildlife sightings. The Pilanesberg is also home to interesting rock formations which date back millions of years.

When you are visiting Africa, especially a county like South Africa, you simply have to make time to go on a safari. Why? Because it is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting, invigorating, yet relaxing tours you will ever do. While the Kruger is popular, it is far from the urban areas in Gauteng, and stunning Cape Town might not be on your agenda during your time here. The Pilanesberg is magnificent in its own right and worth the trip, even if it is for one day. Contact MoAfrika for our 2019/2020 rates and availability for our day trip packages. 


Pilanesberg 1 day safaris offer exciting game sightings


The Pilanesberg is home to roughly 7000 animals and around 300 species of birds. Among the 7000 animals are the lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo, collectively known as the Big 5.

With so many animals living in the park, you are guaranteed to see a lot of wildlife even when you are only in the park for the day. From amateur photographers to tourists looking for a relaxed day spent cruising slowly along the bends and twists of the road, Pilanesberg day safaris are made to be remembered. With the day tours, you will be taken to some of the best places in the park, those known for their wildlife sightings. This is one of South Africa’s most unique game reserves. Within what could be considered a relatively small space, there is not only a rather large animal population but also a number of truly unique geographic features.

There is plenty of history attached to the park, and we are not even talking about recent history. The ancient history of the park is what has given the area its unique look. The park is situated within the crater of a now extinct volcano. This means the soil is lush, providing plenty of food for the wildlife and the rock formations.


Finding the right Pilanesberg 1 day tours


When you are looking for the best day excursion to the Pilanesberg, the kind that will be exciting while not breaking the bank, MoAfrika is the leading provider of safaris to the area. We have three fantastic day tours that you can choose from, and each is ideal for single visitors, couples and whole families. Then there is the option of going for a more luxury day tour option, one that is designed to be more inclusive than your average day safari. Entering the park in a comfortable safari vehicle, guests will be in the best company.

1 day Pilanesberg tourAn experienced guide will drive guests around the park, sharing titbits of interesting information and while constantly on the lookout for all kinds of animals. Should you be looking to spend more than a day in the park, you can have a look at our other safari options which include 2 day and 3 day safaris. Along with these safari options, we also have the camping package which is designed just for those who want to experience a real bush escape. What to do in the North West and Gauteng area today?

Why not ask MoAfrika to plan your itinerary for the best wheelchair friendly day tour at one of South Africa’s most adventurous destinations. 


The Family Friendly Tours of Pilanesberg


People of all ages are in for a treat when they sign up for one of our day tours of the Pilanesberg. These tours are perfect for a day of family fun, with enough excitement to keep everyone entertained. Sitting in the back of an open air safari vehicle, with the physical barrier between guests and the animals removed, you will be experiencing a taste of Africa in its rawest form. Day outings to the Pilanesberg are really affordable, which is another factor that makes this the ideal trip for the whole family. Choosing between full day and half day packages, you can easily find the safari that suits your needs.


Indulging in a luxury day tour


The best way that we can provide you with a luxury experience during your day tour, is to either give you the option of having a private tour or to give you an all-inclusive experience. By all inclusive, we mean lunch included. The ultimate Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour is one of our more luxury tours. If you have the time and you are looking to really treat yourself and your loved ones, a safari of 2 or 3 days is always something to have a look at. Our 2 and 3 day tours of the Pilanesberg are designed to be as comfortable as they are affordable, and they are designed for the whole family to enjoy. Contact MoAfrika for your family getaway and they will offer you a wide selection of  all inclusive holiday packages. 


A closer look at our day trips


As we mentioned before, we offer 3 tours for those who are only looking to spend a day in the park. Each tour begins early in the morning, with the day only ending much later in the afternoon. Tours include being collected from the OR Tambo airport, or depending on the tour option anywhere else in the city, and driven to the Pilanesberg for a day of adventuring. We can also arrange bus tours and transfers from Pretoria, Johannesburg or anywhere in Gauteng, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Wherever you are travelling from MoAfrika can assist with travel arrangements that will suit your budget and travel needs. 


These are our top day tour packages of the Pilanesberg


Pilanesberg Day Tour – Lunch excluded


The simplest day tour of the park, this tour does not include lunch but it does include plenty to see. We collect guests from within a 30km radius of the city of Johannesburg, with tours departing daily at 6 am. After a short drive, guests arrive at the park just as the sun rises over the horizon and start the day with an early morning game drive. This is the best time of the day to tour the park as the cool morning air has animals out, nibbling their morning meal. Come midday, when the sun is at its zenith, we break for lunch. With this tour package, the lunch is not included. What is included is some downtime in Sun City. We’ll return you to the city of Johannesburg at roughly 5pm. We encourage our guests to dress comfortably and to bring along sun protection.


Pilanesberg Open and Closed Vehicle Tour


This fantastic 10 hour tour is just what you need if you are looking to see the Big 5. While we can’t make promises that you will see these famous animals, this tour will give you the very best opportunity. The tour begins when we pick you up in Johannesburg and depart for the park. As the sun rises, we go in search of the animals. By the time the midday heat hits and most animals are going into hiding, we stop for a break and a snack to eat. The afternoon is spent enjoying one more time on the road before we leave the park at roughly 4:30 pm. Be sure to dress comfortably and to pack something warm as well. It can be very hot during the summer, so dressing appropriately is the best way to fully enjoy your tour.


Ultimate Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour


This day tour really lives up to the name. The ultimate day tour includes entrance to the park and we’ll collect you from anywhere in Johannesburg. Unlike the other day tours, we have available, with this tour we include lunch and a drink at the Pilanesberg centre. Guests are taken on an early morning game drive as well as an afternoon drive, before leaving the park. Ideal for those who are looking for a little bit of luxury, even if you are only going to be spending a day here. At MoAfrika, we always try to make a tour of Pilanesberg, whether it is a full day tour or a few days spent in the park, the kind of tour you will remember. Allow us to be your guides and let’s go on an adventure to the Pilanesberg.

To book your day trip to Pilanesberg, get in touch with MoAfrika or enquire about making a booking via our website where you can also view our 2024/2023 prices for family and group holiday packages. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is one day enough for a safari in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve?

Yes, if you are making use of a tour operator with experienced tour guides familiar with the Reserve, a 1-day Pilanesberg safari should be enough time to experience the splendor of this unique wildlife and conservation habitat.


Can you go on a wildlife safari while visiting Johannesburg?

Yes!  The Pilanesberg Nature Reserve is near Johannesburg and the ideal one-day getaway in the wild with ample game viewing opportunities as well as interesting rock formations dating back millions of years and you can be back in time for dinner in Johannesburg.


Will I see lions while on a 1-day Pilanesberg Safari?

There are lions present in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve and you can expect to encounter the king of the jungle while on a one-day safari.


Are you allowed to self-drive on safari in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve?

Yes, visitors to the Pilanesberg are allowed to self-drive around the Nature Reserve.


How many cheetahs are left in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve?

In 2019 it was recorded by the EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust) that there were 5 cheetahs left in the Reserve at that time. Current statistics are not known.