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What Is a 2- Day Kruger Park Safari?

A 2-day budget Kruger safari is a fun and exciting way to see the “real Africa” because it lets you see different animals in their natural habitat in one of the most famous game parks in the world.

A Kruger Park safari can be anything from a private, high-end trip to a cheap, classic group or individual trip.

No matter what you decide, don’t miss a chance to explore this area and look for Africa’s Big 5 animals: the elephant, lion, rhino, leopard, and buffalo. When you add the area’s unique landscape and other animals, you have a real African safari.

You can see amazing wildlife while staying in Kruger National Park’s comfortable rest camps. A private luxury safari, on the other hand, will be an indulgent experience in a more sophisticated safari retreat with creature comforts and luxury amenities.

The best Kruger Park safari would be a mix of the two, but a 2-day safari is a great way to get a taste of both. You can drive along some roads where wildlife is known to be and spend the night in a comfortable chalet or tent.

You can drive yourself or take a guided safari in an open-air vehicle that gives you the best view of the wildlife.

A Brief Overview of the Kruger National Park

In the northeast corner of South Africa, Kruger National Park is a 2 million-hectare national reserve. On the west side of the national park, around 180 000 hectares of private protected wilderness land make up Greater Kruger.

SANParks is in charge of Kruger National Park, which has a number of main rest camps, a few bush camps and lodges, and private camps in privately run concessions inside the park.

Many Kruger Park safaris come as a package deal, with accommodations ranging from four- to five-star lodges and open vehicle safari drives to more basic lodgings with optional self-catering and the option to drive yourself or have a guide take you on game drives.

What Should I Pack for My Safari ?

  • Passport, itinerary, insurance papers, and electronic tickets – All deserve a place at the top of the list of things you must bring on your safari.
  • Clothes and personal items – Pack casual, comfortable clothes in neutral or “non-bright” colours and walking or hiking boots. Pack clothes that can be worn in layers. 
  • Sunglasses, a hat, lip balm, sun block, and long sleeves.
  • Binoculars and camera – Kruger is a dream place for a photographer. Not only does the park have a lot of different kinds of animals, but it also has beautiful landscapes, and great light. 
  • A good torch (flashlight) – A rechargeable torch is ideal, and an LED light that fits on your head is a good option. 
  • Prescription Medications – Don’t forget to pack your prescription drugs in your carry-on bag, in case your checked bag gets lost. 
  • Electronics – Remember your phone, music, tablet or laptop – and their respective chargers, with the correct adaptor plugs.
  • A good book – It never hurts to have an interesting book when travelling. A travel diary or journal is also recommended.

What’s the Best Time to Go on Safari ?

From May to October is the best time to go on a safari to Kruger Park. The Kruger Park area gets thunderstorms in the summer and dry weather in the winter.  The dry season is the best time to see wildlife because animals gather around water sources and are easier to spot when the vegetation thins out.

What’s the Best Time to Go on Safari ?

  1. If you have only a limited time, an overnight tour operated by Mbombela Experience Tours and Safaris offers the opportunity of a night game drive and a full-day drive with a field guide through Kruger National Park in an open vehicle in search of the Big 5 and more. The package includes overnight accommodation in a rest camp, dinner, and a hotel pickup and drop-off from Nelspruit/White River or Hazyview. 

  1. MoAfrika Tours offers a 2-day Ultimate Budget Kruger Safari from the Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport Bus Terminal with accommodation at the Adventure lodge in Hazyview only a 15 min drive away from the Phabeni Gate into the National Park. You will stay in a comfortable room or safari tent with air-conditioning and tea/coffee facilities and enjoy an open-vehicle sunset safari drive and a sunrise safari drive the next morning.  After breakfast, you will depart back to Johannesburg and will be dropped off at the OR Tambo Airport Bus Terminal again.

  1. An all-inclusive 2-day safari operated by Balanta Imagine Safaris takes customers from Johannesburg to Kruger Park. Accommodation, transfers, games drives, and meals are included and a group maximum of 15 ensures a personal experience. 

Pros and Cons of a 2-Day, 1-Night Safari

Kruger National Park has the biggest variety of animals, and you could spend up to 10 days there on safari. If you have only two days, however, you can still get a taste of its wildlife, but you’ll need more to really get a feel for how different it is. 

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of a 2-day, 1-night safari:



You can experience most of a certain section of Kruger

You will not be able to get an overall experience of the whole park

Short safaris can be budget friendly

You will still spend a lot of money for a very short breakaway

Packing for your safari will be easier

You will not get time for any additional activities

Planning your safari is much less trouble

You may not be lucky enough to see all of the Big 5

5 Tips for Going on Safari

If you only have two days to explore Kruger Park, heed the following to ensure the best animal sightings:

  1. The dry season (May to October) when the vegetation dies, and animals congregate around waterholes, is best. 
  2. Don’t sleep late – Even if you earned a well-deserved rest, you need to be up very early to see predators, especially the big cats, who sleep most of the day and hunt during the night in cooler temperatures.
  3. Know the gate opening times. Camp gates open between 4:30 and 6:00 depending on the time of year. If you are first out, you will enjoy better viewing, quieter roads and excellent light for photography.
  4. Make use of animal sightings boards at camps and picnic sites. Visitors share their incredible sightings and pin its locations on notice boards at several rest camps. This is a great help when planning your route for the day. 
  5. Get a map and wildlife guide – This will tell you in what regions to expect certain animals as well as other interesting landscape features. 

Luxury vs Budget Safaris Explained

The first luxury to expect would be your accommodations, either a lavish tented camp or extravagant lodge, set in the best of spots, with a tasteful sense of exclusivity. 

You will enjoy comfortable beds made up with plush linens; en suite bathroom facilities, complete toiletry paraphernalia, and probably a private veranda with a stunning view of the African bush. 

You will enjoy superb dining options, welcome drinks and even complimentary wine. Luxury Safaris often include all meals and sometimes also afternoon teas with scrumptious cakes.

Private luxury camps are often unfenced, with animals roaming freely through your camp!

Your luxury safari package may include private game drives in safari vehicles with expert guides/drivers. A luxury safari in Greater Kruger can provide some of the best opportunities to observe the Big 5 with some of the most skilled trackers and guides in Africa. 

A budget safari will provide budget accommodation. Although still comfortable, it may comprise smaller rooms with basic facilities. You may opt for self-drive game excursions or make use of public game drives.

When choosing a budget safari, you will probably opt to stay in one of the main camps in Kruger National Park itself. You will only be required to pay the daily conservation fees and will be free to drive around yourself or go on a pre-organised guided morning, sunset or night drive.

Optional Activities on Your 2-Day Safari

Although many activities are available in Kruger Park, like wilderness trails, game drives, guided walks, 4×4, mountain biking, backpacking trails, eco-trails, golf and birding, a two-day safari will probably not allow any time for one of these optional activities.

Types of Accommodation to Choose From

Self-Catering Rest Camps in Kruger Park

The Kruger National Park rest camps offer campsites, huts, bungalows, cottages, rondavels, safari tents, and guest houses. These camps are perfect for a self-drive safari, but you can also set up guided wildlife drives if you prefer.

Concessions & Luxury Lodges in Kruger National Park

Private concessions in Kruger National Park are run separately from the rest of the park. The operator is in charge of running the property, and only booked guests can get into the private lodge on the property. 

The lodges that are run within these private concessions have some of the best standards that can be found anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in a 2-day budget safari in Kruger National Park?

A 2-day budget safari in Kruger National Park typically includes transportation to and from the park, game drives, accommodation in budget lodges or campsites, and meals (depending on the package you choose). Some safari companies may also offer guided walks and night drives as part of the package.


What animals can I expect to see on a 2-day budget safari in Kruger National Park?

Kruger National Park is home to a wide range of wildlife, including elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, and many more. While it’s impossible to guarantee sightings of specific animals, a 2-day budget safari will give you ample opportunities to spot some of the park’s most iconic species.


What should I bring on a 2-day budget safari in Kruger National Park?

It’s important to pack light but also bring essentials such as comfortable clothing and shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, a camera, binoculars, and any necessary medication. If you’re staying in a budget lodge or campsite, be sure to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and towel. Some safari companies may provide a packing list or suggest specific items to bring, so be sure to check with them beforehand.