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2 Day Kruger Park Budget Safaris

2 Day Ultimate Budget Kruger Safari

This 2-day Ultimate Budget Kruger Safari is intended for people who want to go on a safari to the world-renowned Kruger National Park on a budget. 


R 5625

2 Day Kruger Classic Camping Safari

This safari tour is an ideal option for travellers on a tight time schedule who want to experience the wonders of South Africa’s iconic national park and its incredible animals and birds, including the famous Big 5.


R 6995


Frequently Asked Questions



Are the Budget Kruger Park Safaris self-drive or guided tours?

Both options are available on a 2 Day Kruger National Park Budget safari


Are meals and accommodation included in a 2 Day Kruger Park Budget Safari?

When you visit the Kruger National Park on a 2 day Budget safari you will probably stay overnight in one of the SANParks budget-friendly accommodation facilities, eg. bungalows (a type of round hut) in one of the many rest camps in the Park.   Meals are usually not included, and most tourists get their provisions and meals from the well-stocked shop and restaurant in the Main camp.


Who or what is SANParks?

SANParks is the abbreviation for the South African National Parks – the governing body who is responsible for the management of the National parks in the country.


What is so special about the Kruger National Park?

The Kruger National Park is an iconic safari destination at the Southern tip of Africa and the oldest protected wildlife Park on the African continent. It is globally known for its incredibly rich fauna and flora, archeological significance, outstanding biodiversity, and home to the famous Big 5 of Africa.


What is the famous Big 5?

The Big 5 are the 5 magnificent wildlife animals of Africa and include buffalo, lion, rhino, elephant and the leopard.