Cape Town City Sightseeing Tours

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the must-see sights on Cape Town sightseeing tours?

Cape Town offers a wealth of must-see sights that are popular with visitors from all over the world. Here are some of the top sights that you shouldn’t miss on a Cape Town sightseeing tour: Table Mountain, Robben Island, V&A Waterfront, Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, the colourful Bo-Kaap neighbourhood and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. These are just a few of the must-see sights that you can experience on a Cape Town sightseeing tour. Depending on your interests and preferences, there are many more sights and experiences to discover in this vibrant city.


Are there any Cape Town sightseeing tours that are wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there are several Cape Town sightseeing tours that are wheelchair accessible. Some of the tours that are recommended for wheelchair users include the City Sightseeing Bus Tour, the Bo-Kaap Walking Tour, and the Kirstenbosch Gardens Tour. These tours are designed to accommodate individuals with mobility impairments and offer accessible transportation and routes. It’s always best to check with the tour provider ahead of time to confirm accessibility and make any necessary arrangements.


What is the average cost of Cape Town sightseeing tours?

The cost of Cape Town sightseeing tours varies depending on the type of tour, duration, and level of comfort. Generally, the price ranges from around ZAR 400 to ZAR 2,500 (South African Rand) per person, with the average price being around ZAR 1,000 per person.


Can I customize my own Cape Town sightseeing tour?

Yes, many tour operators offer the option to customize your own Cape Town sightseeing tour based on your interests and preferences. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s cultural attractions, visiting its famous wine regions, or experiencing its natural wonders, tour providers can work with you to create a tailored itinerary that suits your needs. Customized tours can be arranged for small or large groups and can include transportation, guides, and other amenities based on your preferences. It’s recommended to book customized tours well in advance to ensure availability and to allow sufficient time for planning and coordination.