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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to go on a 5 day honeymoon safari in the Kruger National Park?

Yes, it is generally safe to go on a 5-day honeymoon safari in the Kruger National Park. The park is one of the most popular and well-established wildlife reserves in Africa, and the lodges and camps within the park are well-equipped to ensure the safety and comfort of their guests. That being said, it is important to follow the guidelines and safety protocols provided by the park and your lodge or tour operator.

Can I customize my 5-day honeymoon safari in the Kruger National Park?

Yes, you can usually customize your 5-day honeymoon safari in the Kruger Park to include specific activities or destinations. Many lodges and tour operators offer customizable packages that allow you to tailor your safari experience to your specific interests and preferences.

What is usually included in a 5 day Kruger Park honeymoon safari?

The exact inclusions of a 5-day Kruger Park honeymoon safari will depend on the specific package and tour operator you choose. However, here are some common inclusions you can expect to find:

Accommodations – Your package will typically include accommodations at one or more lodges or camps within the park. These accommodations may range from luxury lodges to tented camps to treehouses.

Meals – Most packages include meals, which may be served at the lodge or camp, or in the bush during a game drive or other activity.

Game drives – Your package will likely include multiple game drives throughout the park, led by experienced guides who will take you in search of wildlife. You may also have the option of a night drive or a guided bush walk.

Park fees – Entrance fees to the Kruger National Park are typically included in the package price.

Transfers – Depending on your package, you may have transfers to and from the park included, as well as between lodges or camps.

Additional activities – Some packages may include additional activities, such as hot air balloon rides, spa treatments, or cultural village visits.