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Comfort Safaris

Comfort tours offer cost-conscious travellers great value for their money. We chose quality 3- to 4-star accommodation and include more in the way of meals and activities without making the tour too pricey. You might also like our Kruger National Park Private Transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions



What is a comfort safari?

A comfort safari is a type of tour or vacation that typically takes place in a wildlife reserve or national park. It involves stays in private lodges or tented camps with high-end amenities and facilities, and is characterized by comfortable and convenient accommodations, as well as personalized services and guided game drives for wildlife viewing.


What is the best time to go on a comfort safari in the Kruger National Park?

The best time to go on a comfort safari in the Kruger Park is usually from May to September, during the dry season, for better game viewing and comfortable weather conditions.


Are meals included on a comfort safari?

Yes, meals are usually included in the package, often with a selection of local and international cuisine.


Are activities other than game drives offered during a comfort safari in the Kruger Park?

Other activities such as walking safaris, bush dinners, and cultural visits can be arranged during a comfort safari.