Pilanesberg National Park

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7 Hours - From Johannesburg

Ultimate Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour

Come and experience the Pilanesberg National Park on a morning and afternoon Open 4×4 safari vehicle drives. Lunch is included in the package, giving you the Ultimate Day Safari Experience.

Visit Pilanesberg Game Reserve from Johannesburg for a full-day safari. The tour includes return transportation to the park and two 2.5-hour game drives with a highly qualified ranger in an open vehicle. Search for the big 5 and other animals.

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Pilanesberg Day Tours

Luxury Pilanesberg Safaris

Pilanesberg Safaris: The ultimate wildlife experience right at your doorstep

How does sleeping under the stars sound to you? A night spent out in the bush, camping under nothing but the star filled sky while wildlife continues its routine of nocturnal goings-on all around you makes for one of those unforgettable, truly African experiences. South Africa’s Pilanesberg National Park sits close to the city of Johannesburg and Pilanesberg safari tours give you the opportunity to spend time in the park, exploring with an experienced guide.

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Founded in 1979 within a unique environment, this North-West base South African park has been giving city dwellers and tourists to the area the wild safari experience that once required people to travel many kilometres into neighbouring provinces. The park is not only home to plenty of wildlife but it is also a place where numerous geological sights can be explored. Pilanesberg is situated within a long extinct volcano, the crater of which was formed some 1 200 million years ago. The park is full of unique landforms, structures and rocks as well as rare minerals. Even if you factor out the exciting animal attractions, the geological formations themselves make Pilanesberg tours a must.

The park itself covers 572 square kilometres. There are three main tarred roads and a number of secondary roads that can be travelled on. Our Custom Made Safaris takes you through the areas that are best for animal sightseeing.

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In touch with the wild side of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Seeing animals, and plenty of them, is what going on safari is all about. Travelling through the wildest parts of the park, you are guaranteed to have more than a few animals crossing your path. The longer you spend in the park, the more animals you will see. If you have a number of days open and you want a full safari experience then browse through the Pilanesberg safari packages carefully. There are a few options that cater for to those looking for more than a single day in the park.

Large mammals in the park, as of 2010, stand at over 10 000. Along with the Big 5 (Black Rhino, Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, and Leopard), there is a variety of antelope that graze the planes. Cheetah, Caracal and Giraffe are also among the sightings that you can look forward to. The park is not spread out over a massive area which means that animal sightings are more common than in the bigger parks. Safari tours are a great way to explore the park, taking away the stress of driving.

The Pilanesberg 2 day and 3-day safari options will give you more than enough time to see the entire park, getting the most out of your time spent here.

What you can expect from the best Pilanesberg safari experience :

The way that a safari is structured, and who takes you on the trip, really can make or break your time in the wild. A safari is not something to be rushed. With much sightseeing to do the last thing you want is for the wildlife to be rushed before your eyes. Pilanesberg safari and tours, with the right operator, will not just be a drive through the park but also an education journey. Experienced guides will tell you interesting stories and share facts about the animals and the landforms.

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Going on safari the MoAfrika way

At MoAfrika, our safari trips start with an early morning departure. Pilanesberg safaris from Johannesburg or Sun City are ideal if you are already in the city, as the park is only a few hours away. After the safari tour departs from Johannesburg, the morning is spent slowly driving around the park seeing as many animals as possible while also learning about the wildlife and the land formations.

The safaris that include more than a day in the park will offer you the best times to go on a drive. Late afternoons are cooler, encouraging animals to come out, while at night the hunters are on the prowl. The unique flora and numerous bird species are also sure to enhance your time in the park.

Whether you choose luxury Pilanesberg excursions or a budget safari, you will be experiencing nature at its wildest. The best safaris are those hosted by the very best tour operators. MoAfrika’s tour operators do at least two-day drives to give guests the opportunity to see those animals that they might have missed. They also know the best routes and the best times to travel through the park.

Choosing the correct safari for you

  • The Family Safari

Our guided safari into Pilanesberg is one for the whole family. Suitable for all ages, our comfortable safari vehicles are specially built high enough for everyone to see the animals. Children are welcome to join the safari. The excitement of going on a tour of this kind will make the adventure fun for the whole family. The family safari is affordable as part of our Pilanesberg budget safari options giving you and the family a whole day in the park. If you are looking for a family safari the best options include the Pilanesberg Closed Vehicle Day Tour, the Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour or the Ultimate Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour. There are also a number of overnight tour packages available for those looking to stay over.

  • The Luxury Safari

If you are looking for a little luxury and you want to spend a few days in the park, then the 4-Star and 3-Star Pilanesberg safaris are two great tours we offer. These give you 2 days or 3 days within the park, exploring and observing the wildlife. Our tour options also include a camping package for those really wanting to get in touch with nature. Guests will stay in luxurious lodges and we offer specials for our guests who are part of a group. You can also browse through our other Pilanesberg safari and accommodation specials.

Sightseeing in the wild is an experience everyone should have. MoAfrika has created a number of unique Pilanesberg tours that cater to our clients. We also offer private tours. As a tourist to the park, our full day tours or half day tours will provide you with the safari experience you have always wanted. Book your trip with us now, treat yourself to a bit of wildness.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to go on a Pilanesberg safari?

In our opinion having conducted numerous Pilanesberg safaris and day tours over the years, the Nature Reserve is a safe place to visit.


Will I see the Big 5 while on safari in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve?

Yes, the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve is also home to Africa’s world-renowned Big 5 (Buffalo, Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros and Leopard).


What animals can I expect to see on a Pilanesberg Safari?

Apart from the Big 5, visitors to the Pilanesberg can expect to encounter Impala, Wildebeest, Kudu, Gemsbok, Sable antelope, Cheetah and more while on safari in the Nature Reserve.


What type of accommodation is available while on safari in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve?

If you are planning a safari in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve you can look forward to staying over in luxury game lodges, luxury tents, bush lodges and luxury private game lodges.


Can you have a picnic while on safari in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve?

Yes, there are 5 fenced picnic spots in the Reserve with braai facilities, shade, toilets, and water. You will only have to bring along your own wood/charcoal, a firelighter or a gas braai.